LG surprised us all by releasing a curved smartphone that was actually flexible, but while the original G Flex could only bend by about 10 degrees, a rumored second-generation model will apparently bend a full 90 degrees without breaking, according to a report from ZDNet Korea. The device won’t be able to fold in half (like some prototypes) though the new design should still open the door for some interesting applications.

ZDNet Korea also notes that LG is already preparing to mass produce the new device, meaning it might see a wider release than the current G Flex. The 6-inch handset is currently only available in South Korea, though it’s set to launch in Hong Kong and Singapore later this month. We’ve also heard rumors the device will eventually land on  AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile here in the U.S., though LG has yet to confirm these report.

An LG representative apparently told ZDNet Korea that the new G Flex will be its “weapon and strong point” in 2014. Hopefully that means we’ll see a subsidized version of the device here in the U.S. and a worldwide launch as the South Korean company helps us transition towards flexible technology.