Fire Emblem Black and White

Oh dear. It seems that the big choice of which side to battle on in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS Fire Emblem is not so much a gameplay decision but rather a financial one. Nintendo has revealed that the game will be released with both a black and white version.

Nintendo of Japan has announced Black Kingdom and White Kingdom will cover the two separate campaigns detailed in this week's Nintendo Direct presentation. Not to worry though, because Nintendo has confirmed that those who want both campaigns will only have to purchase one full package, and the other events will be available as DLC.

No word on pricing yet, and not even any confirmation as to if this structure will make it stateside or if this will only be Japan. Fire Emblem: Awakening was an unexpected hit for Nintendo, and it will certainly want to capitalize on this small rejuvenation that the series has seen. Two simultaneous releases on a handheld platform seems to be Nintendo's formula for success.

The Nintendo 3DS was the place to be for JRPGs for a year or two, but that feeling has dried up so far into 2015. Maybe Bravely Second and Fire Emblem will help jump start that movement back into gear. This new game will be released in 2016.