A lot of Dragon Age and BioWare fans were disheartened by the direction the studio took with Dragon Age II. There was a stronger emphasis on streamlined combat, inventory management, questing and storytelling. While these tropes may seem like they're welcome for console gamers, PC fans felt immediately left out.

Then console owners got a hold of the game and found, somehow, that the title was almost too streamlined. I'm generalizing here, of course, but most fans found the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins to be almost too shallow and light, as if BioWare skimped out on the soul of the first in making the second.

According to an interview with CVG, BioWare seems to realize where they went wrong (though not saying it that way) through design. BioWare Co-Founder Ray Muzyka explained that the studio intends to use the feedback from fans and make the next Dragon Age better from it. Though, as a note, he clarified that what he was saying should not be considered official confirmation of a Dragon Age III.

"I think the team are going to have some things that will surprise and delight both set of fans – our core fans and our new fans – with a marriage, best of breed from both games, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. We'll look forward to talking more about that."

Muzyka emphasized that BioWare prides itself on being a studio that takes fan feedback very seriously. He briefly explained how they plan to use that feedback to better the Dragon Age line.

"We're not going to ignore it. We're going to take that head-on. But we also have an obligation to our new fans, the ones who we surprised and delighted with some new approaches, accessibility and intense action combat.

What we need to do as a developer is take the feedback from both sets of fans to heart and see about marrying that in the future games in the Dragon Age franchise."

If they can create an action RPG that combines elements of fast, fun combat with a strong level of depth, immersion and detail, most gamers will love them for it. In fact, some will say that the studio has already done that with the Mass Effect titles.

Hopefully BioWare can up their ante and make Dragon Age the franchise it deserves to be.

[via CVG]