Call of Duty World Reveal banner

It’s that time of the year again, folks. You’ve been playing Modern Warfare 3 non-stop for five months, but it’s time to set aside your controller for a little while and begin obsessing over the next release. The ‘World Reveal’ for the new Call of Duty is coming next month.

The countdown has now begun on and it points to a May 1 announcement that will happen during the basketball playoffs on TNT, according to the teaser banner pictured above. The title’s launch is expected this November.

While details on the release are few and far between at this point, if you take a close look at the background image on that teaser page you’ll notice it looks very familiar — almost like the cover image for Black Ops. To me, that strengthens those rumors that have long claimed the title will be called Black Ops 2.

MCV, who first noticed the banner, doesn’t know for certain what the shooter will be named, but it can reveal one thing: “There’s a big surprise in this news.”

“We’d love to tell you more but we genuinely fear we’d be killed,” MCV teases.

The page also includes a number of “classified” teaser links, which will all be revealed at different times between now and May 1. One of them features a flickering image that I’ve embedded below. If you play around with it in a photo editing app, the image becomes a littler clearer. However, I can’t work out what it is — can you?

Call of Duty mystery image

I’m bouncing around like a kid on Christmas Eve. Are you excited?

[via MCV]