LG G Flex 2 Android Lollipop-12

Ready for the next big Android release? It may not be too far off. We already know that Android 5.1 is starting to ship on new smartphones, but apparently the update is still pretty much reserved for Android One devices. Now comments from an HTC executive suggest that Google is preparing a broader and major release for Android sometime in March.

The statement was made by HTC vice president Mo Versi, who frequently interacts with HTC customers and updates the public on the company's schedule for software updates. Late Tuesday night, one HTC fan asked Versi what the current timing is for an update that fixes button lights on the One M7 Google Play edition smartphone. "It'll be tied to Google's next MR, which is in March," Versi responded, suggesting that he's already aware of Google's timing for a larger push on its Android update.

MR here is in reference to a maintenance release. Android 5.1 is expected to offer improvements to the "OK Google command," fixes to Lollipop's notifications and battery life improvements, but Google hasn't publicly discussed the update or what to expect yet. March is just around the corner, so maybe we'll hear a bit more in a few weeks.