Now that iOS 9 beta 5 is available, we’ve had a chance to futz around with the new update, digging through to see what stands out. As luck would have it, our attention was immediately grabbed by the large collection of new wallpapers Apple included in the latest beta. And there aren’t just a few—get a load of the new pictures at the head of this post. Pretty, no?

We always get excited—maybe overly so—when companies release new wallpapers. We loved the ones coming to the OnePlus 2, and the diversity of Apple’s look great as well. Apple has really stuck to a nature motif as of late, and the majority of these wallpapers reflect the company’s more environmentally-focused mood. There are sand dunes, plants, feathers and more.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to extract them off the device for you all to download, but we did take screenshots to show off the cool new wallpapers we can expect when iOS 9 is officially released. Considering Apple typically holds early September events, and releases new iPhones toward the end of that same month, we can probably expect the new OS to hit sometime around then.