July is starting to look like a crowded month for awesome deals. Newegg just announced a two-week sales event called FantasTech that's going to focus on deals for all the electronics you love. You can add that to the list of events to pay attention to right up there with Prime Day, Target Deal Days, eBay's Crash Sale, Dell's Black Friday in July, and all the rest. Newegg does stand out by being solely focused on tech and especially on the sort of tech you can't find a lot of other places, like PC internals.

Much Tech. Such wow.

Newegg's Fifth Annual FantasTech sales event

Few places know tech the way Newegg does. And few places will be able to boast as many deals on electronics as Newegg will during this upcoming sales event.

Various Prices

The 5th annual FantasTech will run between July 8 and July 18, which is three times longer than previous years. That means Newegg plans to feature new discounts and limited-time deals every day. July 8 kicks off the FantasTech pre-sale, and you'll want to be on the look out for the Newegg Store Credit Card Promotion, which will earn you 5,000 EggPoints. That translates into $50 to spend at Newegg, which is the perfect way to start off a huge sales event. July 9 will have more than 50 early-access deals available to the early birds, and July 10 will have a special surprise that Newegg wants to keep secret even from us. The next couple days will feature ABS gaming, streaming PC, and Rosewill deals.

The major bulk of the sale starts July 15 at midnight. Every few hours new deals will be unlocked leading up to the kickoff at noon. You'll find thousands of discounts on tech products from major brands like Acer, Asus, Corsair, Lenovo, and more. The deals will continue in a steady stream until July 16 at midnight. The last two days, July 17 and 18, will feature truly limited quantity and limited time deals you won't be able to find anywhere else.

If you follow any of the tech influencers ScatterVolt, Science Studio, Nerd On A Budget or Robeyonekenobi, they will all be playing a role in Newegg's big event. Keep an eye out for that as well.

I don't know if any of them will hold a candle to our coverage, however. Be sure to follow our Prime Day hub where we will be tracking all the major sales events and all the ways you can save during the month of July.

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