YotaDevices, which only recently started shipping its last-generation YotaPhone, just announced a brand new YotaPhone device during Mobile World Congress 2014. Like the original, it has two screens, including one standard touchscreen and a secondary electronic paper display (EPD) that's always on.

The new 4.7-inch electronic paper display has a built-in light, a higher resolution and a greater pixel density than the display used on the original YotaPhone. Also, you can now use it for not only viewing notifications, but also for responding to them without having to turn on the primary color screen, which consumes more battery life. YodaPhone said SMS and email support is included in the secondary EPD display, as is the option to decline or accept a call. With just the secondary display activated, the phone should offer more than 50 hours of battery life – pretty impressive.

Other features include a Snapdragon 800 processor, NFC, a fitness tracker and more, all in a thinner body than before. Other specs still haven't been discussed in detail. The device will make its debut in EMEA and in Russia during the fourth quarter, though a version is also set to hit Asia and the United States during the first quarter of next year.