Sony Xperia Z3-11

It’s only a matter of time until the first USB-C phone arrives. Xiaomi and Acer are already planning to adopt the reversible charging port, and Google’s Android M update will support the new standard as well. Now, Sony says it’s considering USB-C for future smartphones as well.

Speaking at a public event on Tuesday, Sony Mobile program manager Takeshi Nitta confirmed that the company is interested in USB-C charging. “Of course we’re investigating,” he said. However, he also noted that it could be a while before anything actually changes.

Nitta also warned that USB-C won’t help slim down future Xperia phones. Instead, the company needs to focus on its cameras and display technology if it wants to cut down on the thickness of its devices. Another big question is whether Sony can offer a reversible charging port that’s still water-resistant.

The biggest advantage of USB-C is of course that it plugs in either way. For Android fans this means the end of struggling with traditional microUSB chargers, which always seem to be facing the wrong way at first.

Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for USB-C phones to start rolling out, though it doesn’t look like Sony will be first to market. We’re guessing Google’s new Nexus devices will be the ones to introduce reversible charging to Android devices, though it’s possible another company could get there sooner.