It looks like Microsoft may be updating its Xbox One hardware in the very near future. Two separate FCC filings have been spotted by NeoGAF user ekim, and they point towards potential new hardware.

The argument goes that the Xbox One’s wireless chip had to be approved by the FCC in order to sell. That much is always the case when anything uses a regulated form of communication. The Xbox One’s wireless chip was approved by the FCC with a model number of 1525. With us so far?

Now, for the two recent filings. Models 1682 and 1683 have been filed with the FCC by Microsoft. Their numbering matches that of the wireless communications chip in the Xbox One.

The filings are labeled with all sorts of confidentiality notices, and they’re all set to expire by mid-summer of this year. I’d imagine Microsoft has that expiry in place because of E3.

These could be simple hardware accessories, but the general consensus seems to be pointing towards a mid-cycle refresh for the Xbox One. Think about it like an Xbox One Slim model, much like what we saw with the Xbox 360.

What do you think? Bogus? Legit?