New hardware is coming. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are coming up on three years old, and this is about when consoles get refreshes. But with Nintendo getting ready to unveil a whole new console and Sony allegedly releasing a significantly upgraded version of their system, all bets are off as to what Microsoft is up to.

They are, according to a report from Microsoft blogger Brad Sams, getting ready to unveil some new hardware at E3. Sams writes that sources inside Microsoft are telling him that a new Xbox device is coming. The device could be a new version of the Xbox One Elite, according to Sams. It could even be something as simple as an Xbox One Slim. According to Sams, though, it is coming.

Also to be featured is a new controller that is similar in design to the current one. Sams is hearing it’ll be a white controller, but it sounds like it’s more than that. I could see Microsoft making something to go in between the $60 basic controller and $150 Elite – something closer to $80 that has some premium material and customization options but not the modularity or heft of the Elite. The Xbox controller design is pretty well tested and loved, so I don’t foresee any kind of wild change, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they plan to offer.

In the next 12 or so months, we could have anywhere from one to three new or revised consoles on the market.