Before consoles and gaming hardware launch, they're typically assigned codenames. The Wii was once "The Revolution" and the Gamecube was called the "Dolphin." Even Microsoft's Kinect was once labelled "Project Natal."

Kotaku has it from "multiple sources close to the project" that Microsoft's next Xbox is currently being called "Durango." The console manufacturer hasn't responded to these allegations, but color it a rumor until you hear otherwise.

As an aside, Durango is actually a pretty awesome little town in Colorado. My wife's brother moved out there several years back, and we've had a few chances to fly over for a quick visit. It's a town with awesome bars, great skiing, river rafting, hiking, biking and close proximity to places like Canyonlands.

It's also what I'll think of every time I hear "Durango" until the day I die.

What does the herd think? Is this codename bogus? Is it any good, or are Microsoft crazy for even possibly considering it?

Hey, it's better than Xbox 720…at least as far as I'm concerned.

[via Kotaku]