Microsoft has announced that a new generation of interactive adverts that can be controlled via a Kinect are coming to the Xbox 360 this fall. Companies like Toyota, Unilever, and Samsung are already signed up to the new campaign, which Microsoft is calling "NUads." The Redmond-based company promises the new ads are going to "reinvent" television advertising.

But actually, I'm a little disappointing by the new service. When I first heard about NUads, I imagined interactive adverts that would allow you to control different things, or play mini-games. However, in reality, the service simply asks you questions while you watch the same 30-second clip you would normally see on TV or online. The video above shows how they work.

Hopefully, in future, NUads will evolve and we will see interactive adverts that do more than just ask questions. Of course, the service is new, so we don't want to dismiss it too quickly.

What do you think of NUads?

[via TechRadar]