Microsoft is investing more resources in Xbox than we thought. There are reportedly several video game consoles in development with at least one set to be released in 2020, according to Thurrott.

The family of devices, known internally as ‘Scarlett,’ could range from a powerhouse like the Xbox One X to a streaming-based alternative relying on the cloud. Microsoft began offering Xbox Game Pass in 2017, but so far it’s only encompassed downloadable games. When the Xbox One was announced in 2013, the backing of Azure was hyped. The cloud service, however, has yet to be leveraged for Xbox.

Even though the Redmond-based company is known for its software, Microsoft would like Xbox to have a stronger identity in gaming by offering tailored experiences. Everyone from casual to hardcore gamers could be better-served by a diverse portfolio of consoles.

It’s expected that the next-generation Xbox, and perhaps its siblings, will feature backward compatibility. Microsoft made a big deal out of getting Xbox and Xbox 360 games to work on the Xbox One, so we assume that’ll stick around.

The release date for one model will be in 2020. As for the rest, Microsoft could either bring them to the market simultaneously or spread them out. But we should see an announcement made sometime next year. Microsoft would then have a little more than a year to explain Xbox’s future.