Bethesda showed off a lot of stuff at their press conference last night, from upcoming games like Dishonored 2 and Quake Champions to updates for Fallout 4. What you might’ve missed, though, was a quick tease for another one of id Software’s big three franchises – Wolfenstein.

Wolfenstein wowed us in 2014 with great visuals, tuned twitch shooting, and a surprisingly mature story, considering part of the game had you shooting Nazis on the moon.

While id and publisher Bethesda were clearly not ready to show it off yet, they seem to be admitting that Machine Games is working on Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.

The image above is from the opening sequence of Bethesda’s press conference last night and features a few of id Software’s big franchises and their release dates – Commander Keen back in 1990, up through Doom just a month ago.

In among them is the entry “New_Colossus.” It shows up between “Old_Blood,” the name of the most recent Wolfenstein expansion, and the original Doom. It’s unclear if this is a new game or new DLC, though it seems a bit late for the latter. I’d bet on a new game. As IGN points out, “New Colossus” is a poem referenced by protagonist B.J. at the end of The New Order.

Whether it’s a full game or not, I’m very excited to see more Wolfenstein on the way, even if it’s just a quick teaser.