Microsoft announced on Monday morning that it will host a press conference, and several other small gatherings, during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company's press conference will be held on March 2 and, considering the focus of Mobile World Congress is on mobile, we're expecting fresh Windows 10 for phones news.

That might mean a closer look at what sort of new features the platform will offer, though a preview is expected before the show kicks off, and how Windows 10 will roll-out to existing products. It's also a great time for Microsoft to introduce new hardware for the platform. The Lumia 930 is still arguably the flagship of all Windows Phone products, but it's aging. We're waiting to see what follows in its footsteps — possibly a new phablet or maybe even a successor to megapixel-packing Lumia 1020.

We'll be at the press conference on March 2 to keep you abreast of anything that Microsoft has to share.