Apple iPhone 6 Plus - Gold-3

Worried your iPhone 6 Plus is prone to bending? Multiple reports have shown how much more malleable aluminum can be than alternative materials, and the proof is in the pudding. But as we learned, there's a reasonable explanation for what's going on. And, hey, if your device does wind up bending, Apple might replace it for you after inspection.

The team over at uBreakiFixCo got a little more in-depth with #bendgate to see if the iPhone 6 Plus really is susceptible to bending under normal stress. Turns out the reports are a little overblown – as Apple's recent statement would also suggest – though the design is more vulnerable than other devices. Case in point: Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 is clearly durable.

When put into a four point bend fixture test machine, uBreakiFixCo was able to apply the same pressure to both the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 3.

The iPhone 6 Plus is indeed more malleable than Samsung's big phone though, curiously, the Note 3 bent more when pressure was applied; it snaps back into shape once the pressure is stopped, though it's really no worse for the wear. The iPhone 6 Plus, meanwhile, doesn't bend quite as much, though once it's bent, it's bent. That's not unusual for aluminum, so the results aren't too surprising.

While the test does show us the iPhone 6 Plus does bend, users likely won't be applying the same amount of force directly to the middle of their device. Just because it bends in the video doesn't mean you'll experience the same thing through normal everyday use.

Many of the user complaints claim Apple's new iPhone is bending while placed in a front pocket, which is a common place to store a device. Is that enough of an issue to keep your from purchasing the iPhone 6 Plus? That's your call. Check out the video to see uBreakiFixCo's test in action.