Child of Light was a gorgeous, imaginative and unique game set in a beautiful, twisted and strange universe. It had its shortcomings, but this RPG from Ubisoft came as an absolutely welcome addition to the world of gaming. News that Ubisoft has more projects planned in the same universe? That’s good stuff.

Patrick Plourde of Ubisoft Montreal talked about what’s in the works for Child of Light extremely briefly on Twitter. Here’s the tweet in question.

That’s right, there are apparently multiple projects set in the Child of Light universe. Whether that means sequels, complete offshoots or solely mobile affairs obviously remains to be seen, but Plourde indicates that news will come sooner rather than later.

What are you hoping to see from the world of Child of Light? Personally, I’d just like another RPG with the same stylings. The first was such a nice breath of fresh air.