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Samsung will take the stage on Feb. 24 in Barcelona to make a slew of announcements. During that time, we're expecting Samsung to announce the Galaxy S5, a successor to the Galaxy Gear, changes to its TouchWiz user interface and more. A few early leaks have detailed new designs for the company's S Health and S Voice applications, but now it's apparent those changes are going to be far reaching throughout TouchWiz.

Samsung on Tuesday posted a teaser on its Unpacked 5 site where we can see nine flat icons. The image suggests that the company is moving toward a simpler design this time around, and line up with the flatter interface we've seen in earlier leaks. The icons give us a few hints as to what to expect, too. The Speed icon may point to the faster Snapdragon 800 processor we're expecting, Privacy points to new Knox features, and Outdoor suggests Samsung has something involving maps up its sleeve. The Curiosity is likely a nod to search and the new S Voice app, while Fun/Style suggest there are new photo or camera apps involved. S Health will likely add new features, as we've seen before.

The main point to take away, though, is that the icons suggest that TouchWiz is taking a flatter design that's closer to the changes we've seen in KitKat (and in iOS, for that matter) – something that Google has requested Samsung start to do. Hopefully we're dealing with a less clunky and less colorful atmosphere, too. We're not sure what to take away from the power of 5 next to each icon, but we suspect it's just a nod to the Galaxy S5.

Samsung knows it's not being very secretive, and quoted physicist Neils Bohr on its site: "Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future." We're still predicting it's the Galaxy S5, Samsung.

Samsung will no doubt explain all of this in much more detail during its press conference, and we'll be on the ground in Barcelona reporting from the event live. Stay tuned for additional coverage.