Toejam and earl III

Get ready to funk out like its the early 90s.  HumaNature Studios, creators of the abstract Doki-Doki Universe, has confirmed that it is working on a new Toejam and Earl game on the series’ official Facebook page.

HumaNature has very little information to share just yet, outside of a few concept art pieces of the main characters and the presents they can unwrap, but the post announces plans to make a formal announcement in about three or four weeks. Chances are its success with Doki-Doki Universe attracted the eyes of Toejam & Earl’s owners at SEGA, and a few phone calls put them in charge of another equally abstract game.

The original SEGA Genesis games are still a hoot and a holler to play, and they frequently turn up in compilations and through SEGA’s many digital distribution methods. The first game especially is remembered for its “procedurally generated” levels long before that mouthful of fancy-speak even became a term. The last we saw of the series was in 2002 with the Xbox game Toejam and Earl III: Mission to Earth.

No word on if this new title is Toejam and Earl IV or if it is a reboot, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more information as HumaNature makes it available.