TiVo on Wednesday announced the new TiVo BOLT, the company's latest set-top box that features a redesigned form factor, free service for the first year, and a new feature that should help you skip commercials as you watch recorded content.

TiVo said that the commercial-skipping technology is called "SkipMode" and, if your show is recorded, can smartly skip over a commercial break with the tap of a button. That alleviates any need for you to try to perfectly time the "stop" button at the end of the break, though TiVo admits it isn't available for "all recorded shows." It's unclear which ones are supported and which aren't.

Another feature is QuickMode, which lets you speed through shows "like news, sports, and overly long award shows" at 30 percent faster than originally intended, but without degradation in audio. 4K support is also included, as is support for OnePass universal search and customized Collections. TiVo said this fall it will launch a new iOS app with a personalized "What to Watch screen," a new sharing feature and a new TiVo Online portal for selecting OnePass content.

The TiVo BOLT is available beginning today from TiVo's website, Amazon.com and BestBuy.com. It will also launch in Best Buy and Magnolia retail stores on Sunday, October 4. Two models are available, including a 500GB model for $299.99 and a 1TB model for $399.99; both include one year of service. TiVo typically costs $14.99 per month, and service is required for the BOLT to operate.

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