super smash bros edge hanging

One of my glaring weak spots when it comes to gaming is fighting games. I’m just terrible at them. Despite that, I’m fascinated by the genre, the community surrounding it, and even the minutiae that dedicated fans get into.

Case in point: A report from Siliconera shows how the team behind Super Smash Bros. is modifying the way edge hanging works in the upcoming editions of their over-the-top fighter. When Super Smash Bros. is played in a competitive environment, players will use edges of platforms strategically to keep their opponents from having a chance to recover from a particularly nasty attack.

Director Masahiro Sakurai posted the image above to Miiverse, explaining that in this image, Link is trumping Mario’s chance to grab the edge. Air time and accumulated damage will help determine, in addition to player interaction, who can grab the edge and for how long they’re invincible while hanging.

Just like changing a gun’s fire rate in Call of Duty or the frame count on a move in Street Fighter, this is a change that’s sure to incite discussion with fans on both sides. Small changes like this can determine whether the community will adopt the new version of a game or stick with the old one. While the GameCube title Super Smash Bros. Melee made its triumphant return to the EVO fighting game tournament in 2013, its successor Brawl never caught on. It’ll be interesting to see whether the fighting game community picks up this new Smash title or keeps Brawl.

Now all we need is a release date for the game from Nintendo that’s slightly more specific than simply ‘2014.’

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