Anyways, part of the Nintendo Direct presentation was information concerning brand new content for New Super Mario Bros. 2, the side-scrolling, coin-obsessed adventure that recently released for the Nintendo 3DS.

The disembodied head of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's President, announced three Coin Rush packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2 for Japan. Each will cost 200 yen.

Here's Nintendo of America's tweet on the matter:

New Coin Rush packs are on the way for #NSMB2! Stay tuned for details soon.

So, while pricing and release dates haven't been confirmed for North American Nintendo 3DS owners, Nintendo of America has already clarified that we will be seeing the Coin Rush packs as well. If they're as cheap as the Japanese equivalents, this might be a great start to Nintendo's well overdue foray into downloadable content.

In total, three separate Coin Rush packs were announced. They each pack three levels. Essentially, consumers will spend 200 yen for three new New Super Mario Bros. 2 levels set around the Coin Rush objective. You can look at the courses, both in motion and still shots, here on Nintendo of Japan's official site. Warning, there's Japanese.

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