Merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t supposed to be available until “Force Friday,” or September 4, but that hasn’t stopped a lucky few people from getting their hands on some figurines early. Already blasting across the Internet, figures of Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, Finn and a Flametrooper have been revealed, but one mention on the back of the Flametrooper’s packaging is particularly noteworthy. Seems J.J. Abrams is adding a character named Constable Zuvio to the mix, though beyond that we know zilch about him.

People across the Internet have already pointed out how closely he resembles a character named Embo, who was a bounty hunter in The Clone Wars. Perhaps Zuvio is based on that character, though we don’t actually know how important Zuvio will be to The Force Awakens’ story. Given that he’s mentioned in the first wave of merchandising, it appears he’ll be pretty important.

That brings us to the next unknown: who will actually play the character? Scrubbing through the casting list of The Force Awakens, it could possibly be Iko Uwais, though he’s only rumored to appear in the film. Abrams has kept key details of Episode VII close to his chest, and there are still many secrets that have yet to be revealed. It could be that Zuvio plays a bigger role than we realize, which is why he hasn’t been mentioned yet. Max von Sydow is also another possibility to play Zuvio.

Any guesses? Disney is holding its D23 event this weekend, and you can expect Star Wars to be in full force. Unfortunately, Abrams already said we won’t get a new trailer. But he didn’t say he wouldn’t talk about new characters.