Snap announced the Spectacles back in late 2016, but the product’s popularity evaporated pretty fast. The pair of smart glasses launched around the fall and winter, two seasons that have harsh weather in the United States. On top of that, the Spectacles weren’t very attractive. Snap, however, is ready to give its wearable another chance.

This week, there’s a new model on the scene. Aside from being thinner and having enhanced features, the Spectacles (2018)’s release date is happening closer to the summer. People often wear sunglasses during that season, so the timing makes a lot more sense.

The new Spectacles are arriving as the company faces numerous layoffs and criticism over its latest update for Snapchat. By introducing fresh smart glasses, Snap hopes to recapture the public’s attention in a positive light. If enough people pick up the Spectacles in the coming weeks and months, its smart glasses could become a popular item throughout the summer.

Let’s see what the Spectacles are about in 2018, which we should add got more expensive as well.

With the Spectacles on your face, they won’t stand out as much. Snap says they’re “more comfortable to wear with a smaller profile.” The new Spectacles are also ready for pool parties and trips to the beach. Snap included water resistance to make sure your smart glasses endure splashes.

Overall, the Spectacles don’t look all that much different than before. The camera and LED ring are still very noticeable in the corners of both lenses. Yet you can definitely notice the slimmer design. Now the Spectacles aren’t anywhere as bulky on a person’s face.

Inside the construction, though, there are big differences. The Spectacles gained improved audio, and you’re also able to take photos by holding down the record button. Whether it’s a video or photo, your files will transfer to Snapchat four times faster in high definition.

The frames are offered in Onyx, Ruby, and Sapphire. Each has deeper coloring to the front that fades to clear in the back. Your lenses, meanwhile, break down into two choices for every frame. Basically, it’s a light and a dark.

Snap will also let you order custom Spectacles for a prescription. Lensabl, an outside company, handles that. All you do is provide your prescription and Lensabl inserts the lenses.

If you’re set on picking these up for the summer, get ready to pay a little more money. Snap raised the price to $150, up from $130 for the original model.

The Spectacles were a tough sell before, and making the smart glasses more expensive doesn’t help. But maybe Snap thinks the buzz around the summer could drive sales.

Depending on the color frame and lenses you choose, the Spectacles will ship anywhere between two days to four weeks. The black-based styles are immediately available, but switching to a blue frame and lenses makes the weight jump. When your selection is in stock, Snap will ship your Spectacles with free two-day shipping.

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