Sony definitely didn’t rule the smartphone market in 2013, but with the Xperia Z1 the Japanese corporation finally showed us it could make a topnotch flagship smartphone we wouldn’t mind calling our own. Moving into next year, we don’t know what to expect from Sony besides the rumored Z1 Mini, but an Indonesian regulatory database revealed several new model numbers, while leaked AnTuTu benchmarks provide even more.

We’ve seen a few of these model numbers before, including the D5503 Z1 Mini, but most are a mystery. There’s the D6503, which could potentially be a new flagship, makes an appearance in addition to the D2004, D2005, D2105, D2303, D5303 and D5322, which appear to be entry-level devices. Then there’s the the SGP521, a new tablet that might be an updated version of the Xperia Tablet Z.

We’re all but certain a Z1 Mini is on the way, but beyond that we won’t know anything for sure until Sony reveals its next generation of Xperia devices. It’s unclear when an official announcement might come, though we don’t expect to hear anything until CES 2014 at the earliest. The company used the Las Vegas expo to unveil the flagship Xperia Z last year, so it wouldn’t be out of character to see the latest high-end Xperia smartphone unveiled a year later. The rest may come later, during Mobile World Congress in February, or throughout the next calendar year.