Samsung recently posted a new advertisement on YouTube that pits the company's new Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 against Apple's iPad Air. The ad kicks off analyzing a pencil: something Apple did before revealing that its iPad Air is thinner than the writing tool. Then, Samsung pipes in and says that its Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro is also thinner than a pencil, and also thinner than the iPad Air. The comparisons don't stop there of course.

Samsung goes on to tout that its Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 can multitask – and shows an example of a user checking email while watching a video. It then shows the iPad Air simply showing video, and notes that Apple's tablet can't multitask in the same fashion, running two apps side-by-side at the same time. Samsung also proclaims that it has a sharper HD display.

Samsung is correct in its comparisons: its tablet is thinner at 7.28mm versus the iPad Air's thinness of of just 7.5mm. The Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 also has a 2560 x 1600-pixel display (299ppi) compared to the 2048 x 1536 resolution on the iPad Air (264ppi).

Of course, it really comes down to your preference in operating system. iOS and Android both have their advantages, and both tablets offer features that help them stand apart from one another. The choice is ultimately yours, though clearly Samsung is trying to win a few folks over – similar to how Amazon compared its Kindle Fire HDX to the iPad Air not too long ago.