How influential are ads like this? For the majority of the tech-obsessed, they makes little impact; we already know what device we want. For others, they’re simply fuel for dueling fanboys, public proclamations that one device is/isn’t better than another. And so it goes.

While Samsung has taken a decidedly more artistic and emotional approach to its recent Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge ads, that hasn’t stopped the company from falling back on old habits. In the latest round of Samsung vs. Apple, the Korean company compares its Galaxy S6 Edge, one of the market’s best Android flagships, against a device that is one of the most popular devices on the market right now.

And the comparisons Samsung makes are valid. Then you realize much of what Samsung compares in the first video—highlighting the S6 Edge’s edge display—can be lobbied against 99-percent of devices on the market, even Samsung’s own Galaxy S6 (another great device). But it’s a focused, compelling ad, and perfectly summarizes why people like you and me would be interested in the Galaxy S6 Edge in the first place: because it has a curved screen.

The second ad, meanwhile, highlights the Galaxy S6 Edge’s wide-angle front-facing camera and support for wireless charging. Indeed, the wide-angle lens is pretty amazing, and although wireless charging isn’t ubiquitous quite yet, it’s great to be able to plop your device down—maybe on a piece of IKEA furniture—and have it start charging.

So, yeah, the Galaxy S6 Edge offers some obvious hardware advantages over the iPhone 6. But, what about actual experience? That’s more difficult to get across in a 30-second ad, and, ultimately, up to you to decide.