Apple fans just got Samsunged. The next episode in the Korean-based company's iPhone bashing commercials has arrived, and this time it touts the Galaxy S II's turn-by-turn navigation abilities. Also: The iPhone 4S still looks like last year's model.

The set up is similar: Anxious consumers wait outside of a mock Apple store in anticipation of the company's next device. Up strolls a Galaxy II user, and suddenly the would-be iPhone owners are turned into jealous whiners. One prison-garbed gentlemen exclaims, "Aw, we just got Samsunged" after realizing the next big thing is already in the wild and, yes, it's the Galaxy S II.

The fight rages on. Samsung's latest commercial is a lead-in to a different spot that is slated to debut during Super Bowl 46. When it all goes down on February 5, prepare to once again get Samsunged.

Have you Samsunged any of your friends today?