Roku is up to something, and it could be one of the biggest launches we’ve seen from the company in years. A series of leaks compiled by Dave Zatz reveals that Roku may be planning to refresh almost its entire lineup with new capabilities and names.

The company will apparently ditch the numbered naming scheme it’s used so far. At the bottom end, the Roku 1 will become the Roku Express. There’s also an Express Plus model in the works, potentially packing a faster processor and the company’s advanced remote with voice controls and a built-in headphone jack.

Moving up the line, the Roku 2 could become the Roku Premiere while the Roku is renamed Roku Premiere Plus. Both models will allegedly offer 4K support. The Plus version could also feature extra ports for Ethernet and microSD, along with that fancy remote control and HDR.

Finally, the premium Roku 4 will allegedly become the Roku Ultra. The new set-top box could offer HDR and a USB port for playing local media files. It’s unclear if the “Private Listening” feature introduced with the latest Roku Stick will be available for the Roku Ultra or any of these other new set-top boxes.

We still don’t know when Roku plans to reveal its refreshed lineup. One listing actually pegs the launch for September 7, but Zatz argues that it’s unlikely the company will be ready that soon. Still, we should see a whole bunch of new streaming boxes unveiled in the near future, so you might want to hold off on buying a new Roku for a little longer.