The LG G5 won’t just feature improved specs and a new design. Previous rumors have suggested the device will sport a “Magic Slot” for accessories, and a new report from Venture Beat further details what this will mean for the upcoming device.

Sources tell Venture Beat that these accessories are designed to extend the functionality of LG’s upcoming device, and will be controlled through an app known as “LG Friends Manager.” The accessories will range from easily swappable batteries to digital audio chips (DAC) for improved sound quality and more.

Venture Beat also mentions a camera grip that will provide users with buttons for shutter release, zoom and flash; this accessory will also reportedly come with a built-in 1100mAh battery in addition to the G5’s onboard unit. The DAC, meanwhile, was reportedly made in partnership with Bang and Olufsen as a way to enhance the audio experience.

In addition, LG is rumored to announce a VR headset, an LG 360 Cam and a drone known as “Rolling Bot.” If true, it sounds like LG is attempting to build an entire ecosystem of accessories around its device, all of which can be used (or not) whenever a user sees fit.

LG has an event scheduled for Feb. 21, where we’ll hear all about the G5 and its family of accessories.