Samsung Galaxy S III backAs soon as we get all excited about a potential April launch for the Galaxy S III, our hopes quickly get shot down. New information floating around the Web, citing a Samsung official no less, suggests the Korean company has no plans to launch its next flagship device during the “fourth month of the year.” Boo.

Yesterday’s Galaxy S III report, via ZDNET Korea, claimed Samsung was preparing an announcement this month with an April debut in mind. The release, ZDNET said, would be geared toward the U.K. and line up with the upcoming Summer 2012 Olympics, giving Samsung the perfect platform to showcase its next big thing.

But Korean website MT said that just ain’t going to happen. Curiously, though, another new unknown handset from Samsung with Android and LTE will be introduced in April. So let the speculation begin as to what that might be.

Unfortunately, we’re back to where we started, with no information, and no release date. Anticipation is certainly high for the Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s predecessor has sold millions across the globe, so naturally what the company has in store is being watched by quite a few fans.

With so many high-end devices on display at this year’s Mobile World congress, consumers will definitely hope the release hits sooner rather than later. If it doesn’t, a device like HTC’s upcoming One X will be mighty hard to resist.

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