Kindle Fire 10-inch screenA new report from the reputable China Times claims Amazon's next Kindle Fire could be heading into production soon, giving the company extra muscle to compete against companies like Apple and Samsung. It sounds like Amazon is confident the company is making a pretty substantial disruption in the tablet market.

We've heard rumors of the Kindle Fire's successor before, and according to the new report, Amazon maybe going with a 10-inch OEM device from Foxconn that would then be made available by the end of Q2. The retail giant will reportedly be hand picking and approving parts for the new, larger device as a way to reduce manufacturing costs. If so, Amazon may look to make a profit with the device, marking a shift from its 7-inch offering. Previously, Quanta oversaw the process for the first Kindle Fire, where Amazon makes money off content from its ecosystem.

Parts are scheduled to be supplied in March, China Times said, followed by mass production and then a subsequent release. Amazon's first Kindle Fire was certainly well received, and it seems the company will want to capitalize on holdouts who were hoping for a larger screened device from the search giant.

[via Engadget]