Alongside news of Alan Wake hitting Xbox One’s backwards compatibility and Quantum Break coming to PC, we have a fresh Quantum Break trailer to feast our eyes upon.

This time, it’s a live-action trailer. When I saw that it was live action, I instinctively booed. I couldn’t help myself. But after a split second, I remembered Quantum Break has that whole integral TV-show thing going for it. These live-action trailers actually tell us something about what we’re thinking about buying this spring, rather than just us how cool it would be if we were time stopping shooty guys, too.

And if this is any indication of what we can expect, then it looks like we’re in for a treat. It looks professional, and the effects we’ve seen in previous gameplay content have made the jump to live action quite intact.

I’m still reserving judgment for when I actually get to see the show, but this is definitely encouraging.