How do you know if the gamer going by the handle TotallyRealTimSchaferIPromise in your round of Call of Duty on then PlayStation 4 is, like, really Tim Schafer? This, my friends, is the plight of the modern human race.


With the recent 2.50 update to the PlayStation 4, game developers with prominent names in the industry will be able to get a fancy verified badge next to their names on the system. Yep, much like what Twitter, Facebook and YouTube do for their popular users, Sony’s offering a way for those who want to be known as the real deal to do so.

Gamasutra has the story, and they were given a statement from a PlayStation rep.

“A checkmark icon will appear next to the name/PSN IDs of certain developers and other game industry professionals to show that their accounts are confirmed authentic…”

The PlayStation person went on to say that if you’re a developer who’s interested in getting verified, you need to contact  your SCE rep. Don’t have a rep? Maybe you’re not cool enough for the badge?

I kid!