T-Mobile Girl

T-Mobile may not ever carry the iPhone, but the carrier still has a whole lot to be excited about in the coming months. In preparation for the holiday season, T-Mobile plans on releasing a whole slew of high profile mobile devices, and if you’re a fan of Android, you won’t be disappointed.

It was only 48 hours ago that TmoNews reported November 2nd would be a “super-launch day” for Magenta. They were right, but there’s even better news on the horizon. A new product roadmap suggests both October and November will be great months for T-Mobile customers.

So what is arriving on the “super-launch day”? Well, T-Mobile customers will be introduced to the Maxx and Maxx Touch, both myTouch by LG devices, as well as the LG Flip ll. Not to be outdone by their larger competition, Magenta will try and garner more interest in their 4G network by offering the HTC Radar 4G, and the Samsung Ancora, a phone TmoNews believes to be a replacement for the Exhibit 4G.

Those in the market for a tablet will get a few fantastic options as well: Samsung’s new “Robin” or Galaxy Tab Plus 7 will arrive on November 9th, while the Samsung “Arnold” or Galaxy Tab 10.1” will arrive October 19th.

Fans of BlackBerry handsets shall not be ignored as the BlackBerry Torch should appear on November 9th.

Don’t forget too, that the HTC Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II are locked for 10/10 pre-order and 10/12 for in store purchase.

Offering up such a variety is a good move for T-Mobile if they are to stay relevant with so much movement going on with the bigger carriers. It should be a busy holiday season for Magenta.

T-Mobile customers: Which upcoming mobile device are you most excited for?

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