Like most Capcom fans, I'm hoping that this new generation of consoles will be much nicer to the struggling developer than the last one. We're off to a bit of a rough start with the stream of delays from deep down, but at least Resident Evil Revelations 2 and Resident Evil HD Remaster are signs that the company is looking to bring itself back to the basics.

And now, something new is stirring within it halls for the PlayStation 4 as well. Resident Evil 5 Producer Jun Takeuchi has teased in the latest issue of Famitsu that he enjoys playing the console and enjoys developing a new project on it as well.

"PlayStation 4 development has been ongoing, but the more I use the system the more it seems there is to uncover. SCE has made a really incredible system for us."

Takeuchi could not provide any details on the project, but he suggested that the game could be a hit overseas as well.

"Of course. Right now, we're seeing how far we can push the game engine. You'll be surprised by the quality of the games we're working on right now. I think we'll be able to announce it soon, so please look forward to it. I realize that's obnoxious (laughs). It's gonna be something that will even turn heads overseas."

At any rate, it's great to see that Capcom has returned to internally developing its own games. The previous generation saw most of its fabled game developers flea to Platinum Games and other companies, and it hasn't quite been the same ever since, turning to Western studios for outsourcing help on some of its more popular franchises. Needless to say, these games don't feel like Capcom games in the least and represent their franchises in name only.

It's tough for any company to lose their best workers, but there are still a few potential names to help the company get back to where it once was. Dragon's Dogma Director Hideaki Itsuno has been making quite a name for himself, Phoenix Wright creator Shu Takumi is there, and deep down and Street Fighter IV Producer Yoshinori Ono is still hanging around. Jun Takeuchi himself has a handful of solid games under his name including Resident Evil 5, Onimusha 3, and Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions.

I know it's hard to remember, but the first Lost Planet game was actually pretty good!

It's going to take a lot to get Capcom firing on all the same fronts it did back in the Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 4 and Okami days, but as long as the company focuses on making solid games and rebuilding its staff and confidence, I'm sure it can get there.

Maybe this new game will be a great place to start. What would you like to see? I really hope it's not Resident Evil 7. I don't think the world is ready for that. I'd prefer a new Onimusha game, a true Devil May Cry 5, or an original franchise. Maybe even an HD Mega Man game?