It’s been more than a year since Google released a Pixel Chromebook, but don’t expect a new one. According to Tech Crunch, Google vice president for hardware Rick Osterloh said that a third version of the Pixel Chromebook is not coming any time soon.

In a meeting with a few reporters at Mobile World Congress, Osterloh stated Google has “no plans to do one right now.” After Tech Crunch’s report was published, Osterloh quickly followed up with a new statement saying that Google doesn’t have any “plans [for the Pixel Chromebook] to discuss at the time.”

So will we or won’t we see a Pixel Chromebook any time soon? Probably not. The Pixel Chromebook was Google’s first product to bear the now ubiquitous Pixel branding and served as Google’s high end Chromebook. But it was hard to stomach the Pixel Chromebook’s $1,299 price point, especially since Chromebooks can be purchased for $300 or less.

For now, Google will focus on a follow up to the Pixel and possibly even the Pixel C tablet hybrid.

Chromebooks will still be made, just not by Google

This doesn’t mean the Chromebook line will die. It has become a very important tool in the education sector or as start up computers given the cheap price point of some notebooks made by partners like Acer, Asus, HP and Samsung. Some of the cheaper options can get as low as $150, which makes the Chromebook Pixel’s insane price tag even more conspicuous.