Nintendo’s upcoming game of the year contender, Super Mario Odyssey, was a big star of the company’s Direct presentation on Wednesday. Among the new details unveiled by Nintendo, we got to see Mario show his fashion sense by wearing numerous different outfits, which players can unlock in the upcoming 3D adventure.

Many of the outfits are designed for the locations Mario will visit, including the newly unveiled Shiveria, a snowy kingdom, and Bubblaine, a tropical getaway. Nintendo said there will be other kingdoms to explore, but refrained from revealing them all.

As for the outfits, Mario can wear everything from a tourist outfit your dad would wear to a parka for colder climates. You might even see Mario dress in some familiar garb, including a white coat from Dr. Mario.

Finally, Nintendo detailed a Snapshot Mode coming to Super Mario Odyssey, which will allow players to freeze the action and take a picture. While it’s unclear how much control players will have, the short demo appeared to show the ability to rotate the camera, zoom in, add filters, and adjust other settings, such as blur.

These new features will make an already charming game even better, with replayability a big focus. When there are moons, outfits, and coins to collect, completionist will no doubt find Super Mario Odyssey to be a worthy challenge.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on October 27, along with a Nintendo Switch bundle that will feature a Super Mario Odyssey-themed case and red Joy-Con.

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