The HTC One M9 might not be the very best among today’s top smartphones, but it still offers plenty of redeeming features — particularly its hardware design — that make it a worthwhile choice for new smartphone buyers. HTC is sweetening the phone in the United States with a new offer that provides some spending money, too.

Folks who buy a new One M9 from HTC between now and August 31 will be treated to $100 to the Google Play Store. You can’t spend that money on hardware offered by Google, but you can spend it on apps, games, music, movies and more. There’s plenty of stuff to load up your new smartphone with and, thanks to the One M9’s microSD card slot, a feature that’s becoming more rare on high-end smartphones, you can pack it full of media.

If you buy the phone before the aforementioned August 31 deadline, just save a copy of your receipt and head to and submit your contact information, the receipt and your phone’s IMEI number to receive the credit. A Verizon logo on the source page suggests that Verizon is the exclusive carrier for the deal, though HTC’s fine print doesn’t say it’s not available to unlocked buyers or folks who buy for other carriers, so it’s worth trying.

For whatever reason, HTC’s “buy” page was down at the time of publication, but it should be back momentarily. A link to the deal is provided in the source below.