Nokia X Dual SIM 6

Nokia has already confirmed that it plans to re-enter the smartphone market in some fashion in 2016. That's after its agreement with Microsoft comes to a close. Under that agreement, Nokia can't directly sell its own branded smartphones; it makes sense, that could cause a lot of confusion among consumers who know that Microsoft acquired the company's devices and services division.

Nokia doesn't plan to build and sell its own devices, but rather license its name out to other parties. It did the same with the Nokia N1 tablet and, according to NokiaPowerUser, Foxconn plans to use the branding for a new smartphone, too. The news outlet said the N1 has been incredibly popular in China, so Foxconn plans to launch a new Nokia smartphone in India, China and "some European" countries, the report said.

We don't know what to expect from the device, though it seems plausible it will run Android as the Nokia N1 tablet does. We'll let you know as we hear more.