Yesterday, we got a look at the startup process and the UI for the Nintendo Switch. It’s not officially in press hands yet, as far as we know. This one came from a NeoGAF user by the name of hiphoptherobot who received his early from a retailer that broke the street date.

Since then, we’ve been seeing snippets of information has he explores the system and uploads videos. They’re all going on, because YouTube would see quick takedowns. The latest, below, moves through avatar selection and takes a quick look at the new Mii editor.

Nintendo’s offering more than just Mii support

It looks like, thankfully, the Nintendo Switch will offer players loads of ways to show love for their favorite franchises through their avatar. The video blazes by Star FoxMetroidPikmin and Animal Crossing character images, and it shows that you’ll be able to tweak avatar backgrounds as well.

Customization is a good thing, and I’m digging the bevy of characters offered up in the clip.