Game Informer has been tipped by "multiple sources" concerning Nintendo's plans to announce a follow-up to the Wii during or before E3 this June. While the site, complement to the magazine, indicates that these are currently rumors, they do claim that their sources are reliable.

According to Game Informer, Nintendo will announce the successor to the Wii either before or during E3. The system will feature HD display capabilities and a jump in graphical horsepower. GI's sources conflicted one another by saying that the console's graphics will surpass or fall just short of those present in the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3.

The system also boasts features that make it more accessible to third party developers, according to the write-up and their sources. One of their tipsters, apparently, gave them this morsel to chew on: "Nintendo is doing this one right…[It's] not a gimmick like the Wii."

Game Informer has always been a solid publication with an open, honest history. Given their past, it's impossible to rule this rumor out as simple traffic bait built on lies. Feel free to believe that the site does, in fact, have sources indicating the upcoming announcement of Nintendo's next console.

However, before you go running over to Craigslist to sell your Wii, remember that this is only a simple rumor. Nintendo's just released the 3DS, this E3 would serve as the perfect place to hype all the upcoming software that will put the launch lineup to shame. For core gamers, the titles that released with the 3DS were almost entirely unnoticeable. Nintendo needs to make the 3DS and its upcoming catalogue the main event at E3 in order to bolster support among the core audience. They did it last year with their parade of incerdible games for the Wii. This year? Despite these new console rumors, I still anticipate no new word of the next Wii. But, hey, that's what opinions are for.

Finally, a separate rumor we reported earlier this week may either work to fan or snuff the flames of a new console announcement by E3. Sources have indicated that Nintendo will announce a price cut for the Wii on May 15th. That either means the company is looking to get the most out of their hardware before putting it out to pasture, or they're trying to clear inventory for a new console.

Rumors make the world go 'round. We'll be on this one as it develops.

[via Game Informer]