The New Nintendo 3DS has promised us the sky with bigger games being powered by its impressive horsepower, but some gamers have not been happy with the bulk of the larger sized model, the only one available in North America. The standard sized New Nintendo 3DS is an object of fancy to those who prefer the convenience of a smaller machine, and Nintendo has finally acquiesced.

Announced at the GameStop Conference this week and then confirmed in a presser, Nintendo will be releasing the standard sized New Nintendo 3DS this Sept. 25, but it won’t be coming alone. Those who want it will have to snag it up in a bundle with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Okay Nintendo, steal my life further, why don’t you?

The bundle will cost $219.99, and for that price, you’ll be getting the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game, two cover plates, and an amiibo card.

Maybe more of an apple in others gamers’ eyes is the New Nintendo 3DS Hyrule Edition XL, a new console colored gold like an old fashioned Legend of Zelda cartridge. Remember how sweet those were? I’ve never been tempted by a special edition console, but this is one that has certainly caught my eye. It will launch for $199.99 on a Happy Birthday release of Oct. 30, and it will be sold exclusively at GameStop.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes launches one week before on Oct. 23.