Unity for the New Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS is officially getting Unity support.

This comes from a picture snapped during the Unite 2015 Tokyo event in Japan (which you can see above), and it was taken by Mark MacDonald and posted on Twitter. I have no idea what a Nintenfo is, though.

Nintendo has had Unity working on the Wii U, but the transition to the New Nintendo 3DS brings with it a horde of capable developers and new software. Presumably, the older 3DS wasn’t beefy enough to handle the engine. The New Nintendo 3DS, though, arrives with better processing power and the ability to make all this work.

Just to give you an idea of what Unity can do, here are a few of the games running on the engine: Cities: SkylinesGrow HomeOri and the Blind ForestHearthstone: Heroes of WarcraftBroforce and a whole lot more. I’m not saying we’ll see all these games on the New Nintendo 3DS now, but this does open the door to a lot of potential titles.

We’ll have more on whatever Unity brings to Nintendo’s newest handheld as it comes.