Nintendo of Japan spent the morning announcing a brand new Nintendo 3DS model. More specifically, two models: the New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS LL (that’s XL here).

Once the announcement happened, the Japanese official site for the new devices went live.

Now, we know that these new units feature enhanced CPUs and stronger hardware, that much was covered in the Nintendo Direct this morning. What we didn’t know, however, was what that would mean for games.

The features section of the Japanese cite indicates that exclusive software for the New Nintendo 3DS is currently in development. That means we’ll see New Nintendo 3DS games that current Nintendo 3DS owners won’t be able to play. We’ll also see games that will have New Nintendo 3DS exclusive graphics, or so the wording seems.

Think of this like the split between the Game Boy Color and Game Boy. Or, even better, the DS and the DSi. Some games were made that were only available on the other platforms. Those who wanted them upgraded, those who didn’t stuck where they were.

The first game we know about that will be exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS is Xenoblade Chronicles. You can watch the trailer for that above.