Google is expected to announce two new Nexus phones this year, and thanks to numerous leaks we already have a pretty good idea what’s coming. Now a fresh report is offering us even more details on what the 2015 Nexus lineup has to offer.

The latest news comes from Twitter tipster @OnLeaks, who’s apparently dug up a ton of information on the Nexus smartphones coming from LG and Huawei later this year. He notes that both devices will feature a USB-C connector, a fingerprint sensor in back and front-facing speakers. Huawei’s 5.7-inch phablet is also set to pack a metal body, while the same feature is “likely” but not guaranteed for 5.2-inch LG model.

There’s still a lot we do’t know about the new Nexus phones, even after this massive new leak. The battery size, processor, storage options, RAM and price are still a mystery. We’re also waiting for a good look at the rumored devices, though previous leaks have given us a decent idea of what to expect when it comes to design (see the gallery above.)

Google typically doesn’t reveal new Nexus phones until late October. But at the rate these devices are leaking, we may not have to wait much longer for their official debut.