A new report out of South Korea on Tuesday suggests that Google is working with LG to build the next Nexus smartphone, which we’ll call the Nexus 7 since it will succeed the Nexus 6 that launched last year. The report follows other rumors that have pointed to LG as a partner, though others have suggested Huawei may be on board, too. It gets a lot juicier.

According to iNews24, Google is working with LG and Qualcomm on a smartphone with several new features, chief of which is some sort of 3D camera. We don’t think this is going to be the gimmick that we’ve seen in the past, on smartphones like the LG Optimus 3D, but rather something more unique, perhaps along the lines of what Google is doing with 3D imagery and mapping with Project Tango (pictured above), of which we know Qualcomm is already a partner.

Project Tango already takes advantage of an RGB/IR sensor for part of the 3D mapping tech those devices are capable of, so it’s not the same kind of IR blaster that’s already employed by some phones for controlling electronics such as TVs and ACs.

iNews24 said the new LG Nexus is expected to launch sometime in October, which is a year after the Nexus 6 made its debut. This is a rumor for now, and it’s possible iNews24‘s is mistaken, perhaps referring to a new Project Tango phone instead of a new Nexus, but we hope it’s the latter.