nexus-7A cheapo Nexus 7 has been hinted at for a few months now, but with Google's stormy event in the rearview, no official word has been given as to whether or not it'll one day exist. It seems that, for now, Google is more than happy to trudge on with $199, $250 and $300 options alongside its Nexus 10. For the money, that's the most high caliber lineup available. But what if there was an even cheaper option that fell in the $99 range?

According to a GLBenchmark, a lower-end Nexus 7 model is in the works, complete with 8GB of storage, 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 4270mAh battery and Android 4.1.1.

This could very well be an entirely new product from ASUS, seeing as the device in the benchmarks is shown as having a micro SD slot — something the Nexus 7 lacks. There have been conflicting reports on whether or not ASUS would be involved in a cheaper Nexus 7 tab, so it's difficult to know what we're dealing with here.

If this is indeed a lower-spec'd Nexus 7 for $99, it's certainly a killer deal. $199 is already cheap, but $99 would be unprecedented. Hopefully now that some potential evidence is popping up, we'll hear something of substance soon. This would killer as a stocking stuffer, but chances are it'll appear after the New Year. Maybe at CES?

[via AndroidCommunity]