LG’s alleged new Nexus phone isn’t exactly a secret. We’ve already seen at least one leaked image of the upcoming device and some fan-made renders to match. Now we’re getting our best look yet in a new video from uSwitch and OnLeaks.

The leak seems to confirm a few new details for the upcoming Nexus phone. It looks like the device will feature USB-C (no surprise there) along with a fingerprint reader in back with a metal ring around it. The LG handset is apparently on the slightly bulky side at 8mm thick, and that goes up to 9mm where the primary camera sticks out.

It’s a simple black slab with curved edges in back for easy holding. Recent rumors suggest LG’s new Nexus may feature a metal body, along with a 5.2-inch display and front-facing speakers.

Alongside LG’s new Nexus 5 we’re also expecting a stock Android phablet from Huawei. The larger device could feature a 5.7-inch display, a metal design, USB-C, a fingerprint reader in back and front-facing speakers.

Both phones are likely to launch later this year with the official version of Android M, which may not arrive until late October. For now check out the full leaked video below and stay tuned for the latest Nexus rumors.